Who We Are

In 2008, a group of policy experts started thinking to establish an organization focus on law and policy, to ensure sustainable development and well-being through equity and justice. Laws are influencing where we live and shape the quality of our environment and as well as society. Laws can restrict or expand the choices and opportunities available to us.  Advocate Syed Mahbubul Alam a legal and policy expert comes forward to establish a centre, known as the Center for Law and Policy Affairs. The Centre was established in recognition of the need to have a legal research organization dedicated to the rule of law and defense of constitutional values.

CLPA Trust (Center for Law and Policy Affairs) has the mandate to ensure people’s policy for development and wellbeing. CLPA started in 2008 working on local and national level policy and registered as a Non-profit organization in 2016.

CLPA team believes in ensuring sustainable development and work towards to support and formulate national law and policy.  On the spirit, CLPA works with community level with the support from professionals and community-based organizations take learning and successes to national level by adopting bottom up approach. Community Intervention, Law and Policy Research, Policy Advocacy and Media Advocacy are the key strategies of our work.

We also take a multidisciplinary approach towards public interest intervention and legal, policy research which is built on an ethic of social engagement and a rigorous and independent analysis of the policy. Through our work we aim to equip citizens to better evaluate their own socio-political contexts and improve access to justice to marginalized groups.

We do not see ourselves as experts as we wave the principles of equity, inclusion, and belonging throughout our work, our privileges, and biases may affect our success. We invite your perspectives, comments, and suggestions and we promise that we will continue to invest in our education and training.

CLPA has conducted several pieces of research, a policy brief on Local government and waste management issues, such as Local government facilities to promoting physical activities and Challenges of manage waste of Local government are among those. CLPA is the co-founder of the Mayors Alliance of Healthy Cities, those who are working to build their community health and environment finely.


Most of the people of our country have no proper idea about our constitution, country law and policies so they are suppressed in many way in Bangladesh we have many kind of good law and policies to protect our people and environment but there is no implication of those kind of policies in the society because the compliance rate is very poor. CLPA wants to review all kinds of law and policies which is more related to the people and environment then we make it easier and popular to people and policy makers and identify the loop hole and sensitize the public service institution with proper guidance to prepare it pro-people


Promote a society where people will know their civic rights and responsibilities as well as policies, constitution, and laws, where they can defend and protect themselves from any kind of discrimination from society and state.


Kaniz Kanta LLB LLM

Senior Research Fellow

Nishat Mahmood

Barrister at Law, Advocate​

Kamrunnisa Munna

Policy Analyst, Public Health​

Tamanna Tabassum

Research assistant

Iqbal Hossain

International Coordinator​

Rezowana Islam

Human Resource Expert​

Taofiq Ahmed Shahin

Policy Analyst ICT4D​

Mohammed Rakibul

Legal Researcher​

Tanzila Hoque

Legal Researcher​

Belinda Keenan

Policy Analyst, Global Health

MD. Shahnewaj LLM

Policy Analyst, RTI

Rasha Binte Mohiuddin

Research Fellow, Environment

Sunetra Bhattacharyya

Consultant, Communication