Mohammed Rakibul

Legal Researcher

He completed his LL.M. degrees from Dhaka University. He also obtained Diploma in Social Compliance from BIM and Lead Auditor courses on ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System), both accredited by IRCA, UK. As a legal expert he has invested his knowelge in the industrial sector and he has a different view about developments.

 “For a law graduate apparently it seems unusual to seek opportunities in industrial sectors through QMS, EMS, Risk Management and Social Compliance. But on the contrary I found it an ideal blend because Compliance means to me a significant part of Legal Jurisprudence. 

 Most probably due to my absorption in the culture of industrial management as a corporate personal in Bangladesh, which has already caught global attention as becoming one of the fastest growing economy in the world I have started to focus on sustainable development. Cynically true that I am not surprised about the irresponsible and often dangerous approach of the corporate culture towards environment and social protection, because it is a bitter fact of every economy racing for development. Rather I would like to focus on the pressure points where the other stakeholders like the government, civil society and judicial bodies have much to contribute to create and sustain a fine balance between economic development and social development. I firmly believe that only financial development without strategic, smart and optimal use of the natural resources can never be the synonyms of social development.’’